Live Direct to Voicemail (D2V)

Compliantly Deliver Your Message to Mobile Phone Voicemails at Scale

direct to voicemail

Our Live Direct to Voicemail (D2V) complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), since all messages are left by live operators. D2V allows you to go straight to your constituents’ voicemail inbox, allowing you to easily share your compelling message.

Within minutes, Live Direct to Voicemail enables you to personally and effortlessly reach an unlimited number of contacts, with a ringless voicemail message. Compared to other outreach methods, D2V helps you maximize your campaign outreach with a 95% higher listen rate—than 25% who open an email.

Live Direct to Voicemail is more effective than other methods:

-Less Intrusive and better received without the ring.
-Audience is more likely to hear your full message.
-Voicemail message can easily be replayed.

How it works:


D2V is compliant because our system is not an auto-dialer.
A live agent leaves the voicemails.


Target mobile-only users and expand your reach to new audiences.


Reach a broad audience at a small fraction of the cost of professional one-to-one live calls.


We’re known for offering unparalleled, expert customer support via call, chat and email.


All you need is a script and a list of phone numbers, or we can provide a list for you.


Compile listen and response rates. Know what voicemails successfully dropped, and who responded.

Advantages of Direct To Voicemail:

  • Personalize your message with a human voice.
  • Stand out from the noise of cold texts and emails.
  • Deliver your message to a large audience quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Complement other outreach with an omni-channel approach.
direct to voicemail

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