Building a strong union starts with effective communication. Our suite of tools will help leadership address all members remotely, conduct surveys and poll millions of union households.

Why Do Unions Use Tele-Town Hall?

Unions are making headway throughout the United States and it’s important that their ability to quickly and easily communicate with current and potential members is always a priority. Tele-Town Hall gives union leaders a robust platform on which to spread their message and drive membership.

Tele-Town Hall Events

Lets leadership talk to all members remotely, across the country. This allows for Q&A sessions, sharing of experiences, guest speakers, information on policy changes, and conducting live polling.

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IVR Automated Surveys

Offers a state-of-the-art automated polling platform that can reach millions of union households in a day, in a cost effective way.

Configure an unlimited amount of polling questions and get detailed reporting with real time result monitoring.

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Polling Suite

The most robust member outreach solution for all budgets. Reach union members 100% compliantly, drive member recruitment, conduct surveys, votes and spread your message.

Give your union the same tools used by successful outreach organizations around the world.

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“I find their system is easy to navigate and provide a nice level of control”

“Pre-covid, we used Tele-Town Hall® events for people outside of geographical centers; for community and to create community. Now it’s for everybody. We have worked with other vendors in the past, but we ultimately switched to Tele-Town Hall® because of cost concerns. We have to be good stewards of our members. I enjoy working with them. They are very responsive to our needs, and I appreciate that.”
– Kaitlin Youngblood – Communication Coordinator for SEIU Healthcare Illinois

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