Membership Recruitment

Unlock the potential of innovative, targeted communication channels to attract and engage new members for your non-profit organization.

Why Non-Profit Associations Use TTH

Tele-Town Hall recognizes the importance of a robust and engaged membership for the success of your non-profit organization.

We offer a comprehensive suite of communication tools, including virtual town halls, P2P texting, and robo calls, designed to help you connect with potential members and propel your mission forward.

Interactive Virtual Town Halls for Real-time Engagement

Tele-Town Hall Events

Host interactive, engaging virtual town halls that showcase your organization’s value, initiatives, and impact.

These online gatherings provide an accessible platform for potential members to learn about your work, participate in discussions, and forge connections with your community.

Personalized P2P Texting for Voter Engagement

P2P Texting

Leverage personalized, targeted messaging to resonate with your audience.

Our P2P texting platform enables tailored outreach campaigns, ensuring that your organization’s message effectively reaches and engages prospective members.

Efficient Robo Calls for Maximum Reach

Robo Calls

Extend your message even further with our robo call solutions, delivering customized pre-recorded voice messages to potential members.

Inform them about upcoming events, opportunities for involvement, and the benefits of joining your non-profit organization.

unparalled attention

High Open and Read Rates

Benefit from impressive open and read rates associated with P2P texting and robo calls, outperforming traditional channels like email.

Ensure that your message captures the attention of its intended audience.

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Real-Time Interaction

Facilitate real-time, two-way communication during virtual town halls or through P2P texting, promptly addressing questions and concerns from prospective members.

This responsive approach fosters trust and strengthens your organization’s appeal.

Boost your non-profit membership recruitment efforts with Tele-Town Hall’s powerful virtual town halls, P2P texting, and robo call solutions.

Discover the transformative impact of innovative, targeted communication on your organization’s growth and success.

Request a demo with one of our experienced sales engineers, all specialized in your industry and know exactly what it takes to get your message out there.