Government Officials

Have genuine, two-way conversations with your constituents via our patented Tele-Town Hall platform. Take live, screened questions and conduct polls to hear what your constituents are really thinking.

Why Do Government Officials Use Tele-Town Hall?

Government entities and elected officials utilize the Tele-Town Hall technologies to better reach the citizens of their jurisdiction. Instead of a small number of people attending a public meeting, Tele-Town Hall allows the entire citizens to be dialed-in and included in the meeting in a cost-effective, interactive manner.

All of the Tele-Town Hall products are designed for governments to better communicate with their people and get a true sense of their priorities and concerns.

Tele-Town Hall Events

Exponentially expand the reach for public meetings and informational sessions.

Government entities can easily integrate our platform with their live meetings and existing webcast platform to ensure all citizens are a part of the process.

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Peer-to-Peer Texting

Allow for updates on legislative work, events and more.

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Voice Broadcast/Robo Calls

Like P2P texting, Voice Broadcast will give you the ability to get out information through automated voice calls to for updates on legislative work, events and more.

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Polling Suite

Help conduct constituent satisfaction studies, as well as talking about current and future legislation and how they view your favorability

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Used By:

Case Studies

  • Australian Prime Minister Race

    The 2019 Australian Federal Election is the latest example of Tele-Town Hall’s ability to shape the outcome of an election. Prior to Election Day, every major pollster predicted that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) would prevail handedly. However, on election night, the Liberal Party of Australia (LPA), led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, stunned the world…

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  • Real Conversations Will Never Be Antiquated

    Technology has changed significantly over the last ten years, but the way we communicate has not. Conversations over the telephone remain the most effective way to connect. Other forms of communication— texting, emails, social media— have been integrated into telephones as accessories, not as alternatives that supersede them.

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