Tele-Town Hall Events

The first two-way personal communication tool with the power to help you build relationships with millions of households during a single interactive town-hall style meeting.


Establish name recognition and build trust with voters, customers, members, and more.


Open up discussions with people who want to know more about your messaging.


Perfect for shareholder meetings, product surveys, political townhalls and much more.


Energized attendees are more likely to donate.


Harvest accurate emails & phone #s for ongoing outreach.

Additional Features:

  • Live Agent Waiting Rooms Expand your reach and target audience by compliantly dialing mobile numbers.
  • Pre-Screen Questions
  • Real-Time Polling
  • Collect Emails and Mobile Numbers
  • Digital Event Recording
  • Live Operator Support
  • Staff Chat
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Fundraising Integration
  • Facebook and Zoom Integration
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-Language Simulcasting and ASL
  • Full-Service Hosting and Screening

How It Works

  1. Tele-Town Hall® rapidly dials out to a list of phone numbers provided by your business.
  2. The targeted audience receives your personalized, pre-recorded message inviting them to remain on the line if they wish to be transferred automatically to your live Tele-Town Hall® event.
  3. When joining the meeting, participants have the opportunity to ask you – the “Star Speaker” – questions live, as well as to respond to integrated Survey Questions using their phone keypads.
  4. Using a customized Tele-Town Hall® Web Interface, you control which participants ask their questions live on the conference as well as when to pose Survey Questions to your audience.
  5. Participants, who are unable to ask their questions live, have the option to leave a personal message with a Call Screener or a Tele-Town Hall® voicemail for the “Star Speaker” at the conclusion of the meeting.
  6. Following your Tele-Town Hall® event, you will receive a detailed report complete with participant statistics as well as a digital recording of your event that may be posted to your website.
“I’m very happy with TTH’s events service and it has been flexible to meet my needs. They go above and
beyond, are there when I need them, and TTH Events is easy to use. It’s their willingness to learn our needs and find solutions to meet those needs within their system and/or to adapt their system to accommodate us.”
– Mary Johnson

250X as many participants to Zoom, Facebook Live & Microsoft Teams.


Up to 75% of participants have a more favorable view of the candidate after one event


Average participation rate
is 30% of the
targeted universe.


Up to 15X more effective
than traditional &
digital media.

How Industries Tip the scale in Their favor with Tele-Town Hall Events.


Allow you to take questions live, conduct polls and have a real conversation with voters, letting them know you are listening. Plus, easily integrate with other video programs.


Lets leadership talk to all members remotely, across the country. This allows for Q&A sessions, sharing of experiences, guest speakers, information on policy changes, and conducting live polling.


Exponentially expand the reach for public meetings and informational sessions. Government entities can easily integrate our platform with their live meetings and existing webcast platform to ensure all citizens are a part of the process.


Hold meetings across the company for easy, internal company communications, as well as the ability to conduct shareholder meetings.


Allow constituents to call in to speak during city council meetings, have mayoral fireside chats or listen to candidates during debates.


Allow facilities and organizations to host conferences where you can share news, answer questions and poll in real time.


Help to meet virtually with your entire membership via telephone or through our enhanced video integration. Increase your participation rates up to 10X with Tele-Town Hall when using them for national rollouts, regional meetings, grassroots mobilization and more.


Reach out to parents for any important matters regarding the school or district, such as pandemic protocols, or a teacher strike. They are also a great way to gather input from parents, solicit volunteers and vote on important measures. Higher education can even use them as fundraising from alumni.

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