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Text to Online Surveys

Increase the effectiveness of your data collection with our P2P platform to deliver unique survey links with your own custom online survey.

Rapid Deployment, Quick Turnaround, and Immediate Results

Data on Demand Within 24 Hours

Unique URLs

Secure Link Allows For Single Responses and Accurate Participant Tracking


Real-Time Online Reporting Dashboard

Opt In Not Required

Contact Audiences You Haven’t Reached Before

HIPAA Compliant

Secure Data And Texts to Protect Privacy And Integrity


Multi-Lingual Formats Across All Channels

List Acquisition

Tele-Town Hall targets names, phone numbers and a variety data identifiers using updated voter AND CONSUMER files to ensure your lists are as up-to-date and accurate as possible for your campaign.

  • Over 400 Million Available Records
  • Accurate Campaigning
  • Append Demographic Information to Existing Lists
  • Dedupe Existing Lists
  • Cell & Landline Identifiers


Interactive dashboards allow you to present the data in a way that is both informative and engaging and can be easily shared and explored by multiple people on your

Drill down to a specific group or examine differences between groups. Data files can be downloaded in with one click (CSV, Excel, SPSS) and merged into your dataset.

How Industries scale in Their favor with Tele-Town Hall IVR.


IVR will help you conduct automated polls and surveys to help with voter ID efforts. And with a complex branching of questions and the ability to randomize answers for statistical viability, you can be assured your polling data will be pristine.


Call in and out to collect data, with multi-language options.


Call in and out to collect data on city services, with multi-language options.


Get inbound call metrics, tracking and reporting, along with conducting patient satisfaction surveys.


Grassroots Mobilization programs that connect your membership to their voters on the national, state, or local level. All politics is local, and your organization can make an impact using TTH’s automated voice solutions.


School Districts often need community input from voters about where they stand on school funding. IVRs are a beneficial way of reaching those voters who may not be a part of their parent network.

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