Case Studies

  • Tele-Town Hall Events Influenced 21% of Presidential Candidates Total Votes

    The Challenge Prior to utilizing Tele-Town Hall’s solutions, this 2024 presidential candidate trailed behind other candidates, polling at 0%. The candidate’s campaign coordinator sought TTH’s help to orchestrate a solution that would quickly connect with voters and turn around his rank in the polls. The Solution TTH recommended a series of six Tele-Town Hall events—interactive town-hall style meetings that…

  • PGA/LIV Merger – A Text-to-Online Survey Case Study

    In June 2023, Tele-Town Hall, in collaboration with Aristotle, conducted a comprehensive survey to gauge the perception of golfers in the contiguous United States towards the recent merger between PGA and LIV.  The participants, aged between 18 and 75, were reached via cellphones using Tele-Town Hall’s text-to-web survey platform. Methodology The survey was fielded from…

  • P2P Texting For A Cable Internet Survey/Win Back Program

    Sparklight, a market service provider in the midwest, and Hargray Communications, based in the southeast, are part of the Cable One family of brands, serving more than 1 million residential and business customers in 24 states. Tele-Town Hall set out to test the use of peer-to-peer text messaging, utilizing a text message survey that doubled…

  • Lead Generation For Roofing – A Case Study

    The roofing industry is more competitive than ever these days, and the traditional methods of finding customers has run into difficulties. Door to door sales and cold-calling have started to show signs of difficulty for a lot of roofing companies.  Tele-Town Hall recently worked with two roofing companies, both of which found great success in…

  • Poll Shows that Vets Prefer Tele-Town Halls

    The Central Texas Veterans Health Care System (CTVHCS), a veteran affairs group serving vets in central Texas, hosted their second Tele-Town Hall event and it was a great success. Vets received important information on their healthcare benefits, access to medication, and upcoming events.

  • SEIU Healthcare Illinois Case Study

    Since 2016, Tele-Town Hall® has had the distinct pleasure of working closely with SEIU Healthcare Illinois. The organization, which advocates for the rights and wellbeing of healthcare workers in Illinois, has conducted more than 600 Tele-Town Hall® events, over 200 IVR surveys, and more than 200 robo calls.

  • SEIU 32BJ Case Study

    Since 2015, Tele-Town Hall® has the distinct pleasure of working closely with SEIU Local 32BJ chapters across the country. We’ve helped 32BJ conduct events on topics ranging from contract negotiations to Q&A’s with elected officials. In 2020, 32BJ partnered with Tele-Town Hall® for their important mission yet – reaching out to members during the coronavirus…

  • Australian Prime Minister Race

    The 2019 Australian Federal Election is the latest example of Tele-Town Hall’s ability to shape the outcome of an election. Prior to Election Day, every major pollster predicted that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) would prevail handedly. However, on election night, the Liberal Party of Australia (LPA), led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, stunned the world…

  • Real Conversations Will Never Be Antiquated

    Technology has changed significantly over the last ten years, but the way we communicate has not. Conversations over the telephone remain the most effective way to connect. Other forms of communication— texting, emails, social media— have been integrated into telephones as accessories, not as alternatives that supersede them.

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