Live Voice Broadcast

Deliver a Personal Voice Message to Mobiles, Compliantly and at Scale.
You can’t get this anywhere else.

The flood of cold texts and emails is diminishing the effectiveness of these communication channels.

Live Voice Broadcast cuts through the noise by providing a more effective solution for reaching audiences on their mobile devices.

Think of Live Voice Broadcast as a compliant “robocall” to mobile phones, without the need for opt-in— because calls are made by a live agent instead of pre-recorded, but delivered at scale (thousands per second), at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one live calls.

Use LVB for GOTV or take advantage of our Patch feature, whereby callees can press a keystroke to be transferred to a Live Call Center, Legislator or IVR Automated Message for surveys, advocacy, fundraising, RSVPs to events, and more.

live voice broadcast

LVB is compliant because our system is not an auto-dialer and callees are connected to a live voice.


Target mobile-only users and expand your reach to new audiences.


Reach a broad audience at a small fraction of the cost of professional one-to-one live calls.


Achieve multiple campaign objectives, such as GOTV, surveys, advocacy, fundraising, event RSVPs, and more.


All you need is a script and a list of phone numbers for your targeted audience.


Reports include who received your message, call duration, transfer information, and more.

Advantages of Live Voice Broadcast:

  • Personalize your message with a human voice.
  • Stand out from the noise of cold texts and emails.
  • Deliver your message to a large audience quickly and cost-effectively
  • Avoid 10DLC registration delays with texting.
  • Complement other outreach with an omni-channel approach.

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