Live Voice

Your audience is growing tired of texts and emails. Research indicates that people feel significantly more connected through talking rather than typing.

Engage your audience on a more personal level with Live Voice.


“Dialer” continuously makes calls out to call list.


“Live Speaker” (not a robo-call) Repeats the speech, while calls come in.

Who should use Live Voice?

  • Candidates who were unable to register for 10DLC in time to send a text.
  • Candidates who want to stand out from the noise of texting or digital ads alone.
  • Candidates who want to humanize a GOTV message to mobile-only voters in their own voice.
  • Candidates who understand that omni-channel communications (visual, text, audio) are essential to extend reach and awareness.Get Out The Vote (GOTV)Build Opt-In Lists for Future Outreach

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