Patient Outreach

Evolve your healthcare patient outreach efforts by leveraging the power of advanced communication technologies to connect with patients and deliver essential health information.

Why Healthcare Organizations Use TTH

Tele-Town Hall offers an unparalleled suite of tools and services designed to help hospitals and health clinics optimize their patient outreach through personalized P2P texting campaigns.

Our cutting-edge platform enables you to create a seamless and engaging experience for patients, fostering strong connections and promoting proactive healthcare management.

Streamlined Appointment Management

HIPPA Compliant

Improve patient attendance and follow-up care with automated appointment reminders and post-visit messages.

Our P2P texting platform makes it easy to send personalized notifications that help patients stay on track with their healthcare journey.

Tailored Texting for Patient Outreach

P2P Texting

Establish a strong connection with your patients through customized P2P texting campaigns.

Tele-Town Hall’s platform allows your healthcare team to send tailored, targeted messages that resonate with recipients and inspire them to take charge of their health.

Promoting Health Education and Awareness

Informative Patient Decisions

Empower patients with crucial health information by sharing educational materials and resources through P2P texting.

Raise awareness about preventative care, chronic disease management, and other essential topics to promote a healthier community.

Data-Driven Patient EngagemenT

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into patient satisfaction, preferences, and concerns to make informed decisions that enhance your outreach efforts and improve patient care.

Scalable and User-Friendly Solutions

Ease-of-Use for Healthcare Facilities of All Sizes

Our user-friendly interface allows your team to manage P2P texting campaigns, monitor progress, and analyze data with ease.

Transform your hospital or health clinic’s patient outreach efforts with Tele-Town Hall’s advanced P2P texting solutions.

Experience the difference that personalized, targeted, and accessible communication can make in your healthcare community’s satisfaction and well-being.

Request a demo with one of our experienced sales engineers, all specialized in your industry and know exactly what it takes to get your message out there.