Client/Partner Benefit


Recent survey of Tele-Town Hall® Strategic Partners revealed that Tele-Town Hall® is rated highest for user-interface, site navigation, event features, expedited post event data follow-up and best overall customer service experience.

Become a Referral Agent

For those looking for a hassle-free program through which to provide Tele-Town Halls® events to your clients, consider our Referral Agent Program. Simply schedule the first Tele-Town Hall® event for each of your clients with a member of our team, and receive commissions for every event conducted and paid for by the clients you refer to Tele-Town Hall®. Advantages of Referral Agent Program:

  • No Setup Fees Or Minimum Revenue Commitments to join our Referral Agent Program. We’ve made it as easy as possible to become a Referral Agent of Tele-Town Hall™ products and services. When you join, you can start informing clients about our services and execute events immediately.
  • Our team will take care of all the responsibilities of setting up your clients’ events. As a Referral Agent, all you have to do is suggest the products – we’ll handle the setup and execution from beginning to finish.
  • You enjoy peace of mind: No need to train your clients or format their phone lists. Our live operators are able to handle all aspects of training your staff for a Tele-Town Hall™ event and deliver the results your clients need for success.

Become a Reseller

For those looking for a more hands-on program, consider our Reseller Program. As a Reseller, you will receive substantial discounts off of Tele-Town Hall’s® retail pricing in exchange for taking on some of the responsibilities associated with setting up your clients’ events. Advantages of Reseller Program:

  • No Setup Fees Or Minimum Revenue Commitments to join our Reseller Program. Resellers are free to sell our services as they see fit and are not obligated to meet sales requirements.
  • FREE Branding/White Labeling available with your company’s logo. Your clients are allowed to customize their Tele-Town Hall™ by branding each event with their logos and important info.
  • Enjoy substantial Discounts off of Tele-Town Hall’s® retail pricing. Our Resellers are able to take advantage of special pricing that is only available to members of our Reseller programs.
  • Sell Tele-Town Hall® events at a price of your choosing & Earn Significant Revenue. We allow our Resellers flexibility when providing Tele-Town Hall events in order to reach as many people as possible.
  • Incorporating Tele-Town Hall® events into your company’s Suite of Services will help you satisfy clients looking for Tele-Town Halls® from their One-Stop Shop. We make communicating with clients and customers as easy as possible by integrating our services into your company’s services.

To learn more about becoming a Tele-Town Hall® Reseller or Referral Agent, fill out the form below.

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