Polling Suite

The most robust polling suite with winning solutions for all budgets.

  • Reach mobile-only voters 100% compliantly
  • Rapid deployment (send millions of texts per day)
  • Effective for both short Voter ID & longer Surveys
  • Automated responses based on keywords allow for complex branching logic
  • Measure name recognition, favorability & ad effectiveness (video and audio)
  • Link to online surveys with unique URLs
  • Reach large audiences (40 million+ calls per day)
  • Quick turn around
  • Effective for both short Voter ID & longer Surveys
  • Both multiple-choice & open-ended responses
  • Randomize answers & set quotas for statistical viability
  • Complex branching logic for longer surveys
Professional Live Call Center Programs
  • Highest completion survey rates
  • Reach both landlines and mobiles compliantly
  • Most personal tool for high-touch voters
  • Extensive skip logic, Q & A rotation, and quota control
  • Voter ID, Longer Surveys, Persuasion & GOTV
List Procurement
  • Data pull based on a variety of identifiers –Party, District, Industry, Address, Zip code, etc.
  • Dedupe again previous lists
  • Cell and landline identifiers
  • Ability to append mobile numbers &demographic information to existing lists
Data Processing
  • Crosstabs
  • Viewable on dashboard
  • Data weighting
  • Significance Testing
  • Downloadable to a csv, xls or sav

How Industries scale in Their favor with Tele-Town Hall Events.


Utilizes multiple methods, such as Live Calling, IVR’s and P2P messaging to conduct accurate polls in a cost effective and timely manner.


The most robust member outreach solution for all budgets. Reach union members 100% compliantly, drive member recruitment, conduct surveys, votes and spread your message. Give your union the same tools used by successful outreach organizations around the world.


Help conduct constituent satisfaction studies, as well as talking about current and future legislation and how they view your favorability.


Conduct constituent satisfaction studies, as well as talking about current and future service offerings and how they view the services.


Use the Tele-Town Hall automated voice (IVR), P2P texting, or live call centers to reach and survey your membership on a wide range of topics.

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