Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Texting

Our compliant platform helps you connect with prospects & customers through the most personal form of communication: texting.

What sets P2P texting apart from other mass texting platforms? We offer a compliant messaging platform designed to increase response rates and lower costs over other outreach methods. Texts from our platform are sent manually, by a live person, one at a time.


Texting is a more effective call to action than television advertising, social media, email or direct mail.


Response/action rates for P2P campaigns are significantly higher than other paid medias, often by a factor of 10x.


Cost per action for P2P campaigns are typically 50% to 90% lower than for paid media campaigns, making it an extremely efficient outbound marketing channel.


Access to 245 million consumer records.


Drive prospects to call your sales team.

Simple, Easy, Fast

Traceable Links: Know who clicks to visit your site.

Picture/Video MMS: Catch your audiences attention with images and HD-quality audio/video.

Text MMS: Unlimited length & higher delivery rates.

Variable Data: Personalize texts with targeted data.

Auto Replies: Program keyword triggered replies

The TTH Advantage

  • Send 8500 texts per hour, per agent
  • AI Keyword response with complex branching logic for surveys
  • Always 100% compliant
  • Access to 245 million consumer demographic records to supplement your contact list
  • Access to the National Do Not Contact Registry
  • Access to Professional Agents to rapidly deploy text campaigns
  • Real-Time Event Monitoring
  • Detailed reporting and statistics with all texts

Introducing: Gabby Graphic

Say hello to sending (and branding) text images with a personal voice message. At Tele-Town Hall, we understand the importance of differentiating your message. Here’s what’s exciting about Gabby Graphic: 

  • Personalize Your Message: Record your message in your own voice to enhance brand awareness and recognition. 
  • Grab Attention: This innovative feature is a novelty for many, capturing the audience’s attention and encouraging them to listen to your message, take action, complete surveys, or get out the vote. 
  • Legitimize the Message: Adding a logo or other image to an MMS message not only reinforces the legitimacy of the message source but also personalizes it, making it better received by the recipient. 
  • Deliver Successfully: MMS typically meets carrier spam filters more effectively, ensuring more of your messages are successfully delivered. 

Ready to send your Gabby Graphic message over text to your audience? Contact your sales representative today or email


99% of text messages are opened.


90% of text messages are read within 3 Minutes.


36% CTR (Click Through Rate) for SMS.


30% Response Rate for SMS.

Their P2P platform is great because of ease of use and increased profitability. The one feature I really love are traceable URLs because their competitors can’t do that. To give an example: If you send out 50,000 text messages asking people to go to a landing site to read about your candidate; with other platforms, you don’t have any idea if they do that. With that [traceable URL] you can say how many people clicked on your site. Politicians want to know that. That does happen.

-Will Westmoreland

How Industries scale in Their favor with Peer-to-Peer Texting


Lets you reach millions of people a day for your fundraising needs. Easily and quickly send campaign ads with MMS messaging, along with tracking click throughs, keyword auto response surveys, and GOTV with a polling location finder link.


Reach union members 100% compliantly, drive member recruitment, conduct surveys, votes and spread your message.


Allow for updates on legislative work, events and more.


Reach millions of customers in a day with customer satisfaction surveys and our automated keyword response system. Or prospect for new clients in defined geographic locations with access to up to 245 million consume records.


Get updates on municipality service changes, such as inclement weather, no trash pickup days, school closures, as well as other emergency notifications.


Helps with rapidly sharing urgent messaging when it is needed most. Refill and shipment notifications for the pharmacy, vaccine availability, blood drives, safety information and more.


Reach your membership instantly on any topic or urgent matter. Peer-2-Peer texting offers a great two-way communications tool that provides immediate results and action. Get the word out on legislative alerts, Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Efforts, dues & renewals, and membership alerts.

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