Connect with thousands of parents and students in a controlled environment to keep them informed on important events during the school year.

Why Do Educational Organizations Use Tele-Town Hall?

Both colleges and school districts have seen great success with Tele-Town Hall’s suite of services. Our robust messaging systems have allowed schools to easily communicate with students, especially during the recent pandemic.

Tele-Town Hall Events

Reach out to parents for any important matters regarding the school or district, such as pandemic protocols, or a teacher strike.

They are also a great way to gather input from parents, solicit volunteers and vote on important measures. Higher education can even use them as fundraising from alumni.

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IVR Automated Surveys

School Districts often need community input from voters about where they stand on school funding. IVRs are a beneficial way of reaching those voters who may not be a part of their parent network.

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Wallet Pass

A great alternative to the school notification apps, where parents can access all of their school’s communications.

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