Lead Generation For Roofing – A Case Study

Lead Generation For Roofing – A Case Study

The roofing industry is more competitive than ever these days, and the traditional methods of finding customers has run into difficulties. Door to door sales and cold-calling have started to show signs of difficulty for a lot of roofing companies. 

Tele-Town Hall recently worked with two roofing companies, both of which found great success in the text marketing capabilities. 

Chris Knox with Hayes Roofing was more than happy to talk about his efforts in the past. “We paid for leads through lead generation service companies and they weren’t very targeted, at best we just had zip codes. Not to mention the list we bought was also sold to three other companies at the same time, so we would show up to the customer’s house and someone else had already got to them.” 

He mentioned that door-to-door sales also presented its own difficulties. “Door knocking just isn’t the same as it used to be. People are way less likely to answer the door and if they do, the last thing they want is to be sold something.” 

When approached by Tele-Town Hall to use the text message marketing services, he was immediately wowed by the success. “After Tele-Town Hall helped us set up the targeting and messaging, we quickly sent out 2000 texts and from that, we managed to get 24 appointments. That kind of return is crazy.” And with a 99% open rate for texts, it’s no surprise they saw such positive results.

Chris mentioned how easy it was too. “This was much simpler than outsourcing it. You just hand the leads as they come in to your sales guys and they take care of it. No one is bothered by a text message, as long as they don’t get too many of them. This goes head and shoulders above any other advertisement or method of lead generation.” 

He is looking forward to storm season, when there will be even more opportunity to work with Tele-Town Hall. “At the end of the day, we just want to help people.”

Another roofing company found similar results. David Cash of Browns Roofing, did three text messaging campaigns with Tele-Town Hall. Going over the past lead generation efforts was a familiar story.

“In the past, we used contractor websites to get leads, but of all the money spent, we only sold one small repair. We have a good presence in the area, with word of mouth, referrals, radio commercials, but we wanted something more. And door-to-door just doesn’t work anymore.

He talked about how well the campaigns did. “We did a few campaigns with Tele-Town Hall and they turned out very successful, especially when we targeted storm damaged areas. One of them was even a retail location, which is big money in our industry. Our ROI was the best I have ever seen.” 
When asked if he would be using Tele-Town Hall’s text targeted text messaging services again, he didn’t hesitate. “Dollar to dollar, the texts are the most effective means of generating leads. As storm season picks up this coming year, we will definitely be using them.”

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