Community Outreach during Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we've reached over 443.04 million people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised public health concerns over disease transmission and the spread of misinformation. The Tele-Town Hall® team has remained unwavering in our commitment to top-of-the-line service and dependable results as you reach out to communities during this trying time. From humanitarian groups to elected officials, leaders across the country are trusting Tele-Town Hall to reach their audience. We are especially proud to work with healthcare professionals in New York City and California who on the front lines fighting this pandemic.

Our team is fully prepared to deliver seamless service to all of our customers and partners.

  • Reach your audience in the safety and comfort of their own homes with Tele-Town Hall® solutions.
  • Tele-Town Hall® events can be conducted remotely, making them an ideal tool for teams working from home or in separate locations.
  • Address your audience’s questions and concerns directly using live Q&A, links to FAQs, and live support.
  • Rapidly update your audience with Text Alerts and Automated Voice Broadcasts as new information becomes available.
  • Tele-Town Hall® utilizes multiple carriers to ensure network availability and superior connection rates. We are closely working with our carriers to ensure that your calls and messages are reliably delivered.
  • The Tele-Town Hall® team is working around the clock to make sure that all of your questions and needs are taken care of.



How does a Tele-Town Hall® work?

Tele-Town Hall® rapidly dials out to a list of phone numbers provided by your team.  Call recipients hear a pre-recorded message inviting them to stay on the line to join your Tele-Town Hall® Event. Only your speakers can be heard throughout the call; however, participants can press "0" on their keypad to ask a question. Using the Tele-Town Hall® Web Interface, you control which participants ask their questions live for the entire audience to hear or you can read their questions aloud. You also have the ability to pose Survey Questions to your audience and you can direct listeners to one-on-one support. Following your Tele-Town Hall® event, you will receive a detailed report complete with participant statistics, as well as a digital recording of your event that may be posted to your website.

How does my audience join?

There are a couple of ways your audience can join the Tele-Town Hall event. The most common method is for you to provide a list of phone numbers you want to dial. At the start of the event, the Tele-Town Hall system rapidly dials out to those numbers. All the participant has to do is answer that call, where they’ll hear a welcome message inviting them to remain on the line to join the live Tele-Town Hall event. Your audience can also join by dialing into the Toll-Free number Participant Line, which we provide to you when you schedule the call.

What if I want to dial out to a targeted area but don’t have a phone list?

We can procure any number of phone records for you based off any kind of search criteria. While this list of phone records would be dialed on the Tele-Town Hall, it is a one-time purchase and can be used for future events or your own records.

Who conducts the event?

The majority of our clients conduct their own events. We provide comprehensive training to you and your team before every Tele-Town Hall® takes place.  If you need hands-on assistance in conducting an event, then our seasoned staff can provide support as a premium service. Hands-on assistance requests must be made at least 3 full business days before the event.

Can my team and I conduct an event if we are in different locations?

Yes. All you need is a computer and a telephone to conduct a Tele-Town Hall® Event. Your speakers can also be in different locations.

What do I need to provide?

1) You will call into our studio recording line to record your event invitations. 2) If available, a list of phone numbers you would like to dial. An account manager will walk you through the entire process.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is divided into tiers based on your total number of connects. We focus on connects rather than dials to ensure quality results. Contact us for a price quote for your estimated call size.

Contact us at or call (202) 237-8313 to discuss targeted or mass-outreach engagement.

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