Who We Work With

Tele-Town Hall IVR Targeting SystemsElected Officials

Members of Congress: Reach out to your entire Congressional District in one night, or break up your call universe into several events in order to concentrate on local issues that matter to particular areas of your district.

Members of the U.S. Senate and Governors: Move through your state by congressional district or focus on smaller sub-regions that share common characteristics.

State and Local Level Officials: Tele-Town Hall® has myriad experience working with state senators, general assembly members, city council members, and mayors.

Tele-Town Hall IVR Targeting SystemsPolitical Candidates

Custom design a Tele-Town Hall® program that fits your campaign’s needs and targets prospective voters.

Use the results from Tele-Town Hall® events to cost effectively identify key supporters and donors, and build relationships with these individuals by inviting them to participate in regularly-scheduled events.

Tele-Town Hall IVR Targeting SystemsNon-Profit Organization

Mobilize support for your cause and expand the membership of your non-profit organization.

Fundraise and encourage donations from your members.

Tele-Town Hall IVR Targeting SystemsSchools and Universities

Encourage students to apply to your academic institution or convince those already accepted to enroll by giving prospective students the ability to engage in dialogue with faculty, staff, and former students.

Conduct new student orientations.

Raise funds and encourage donations from alumni.

Discuss budgetary concerns with members of your community.

Tele-Town Hall IVR Targeting SystemsBusinesses

Conduct a meeting with your company’s shareholders.

Simultaneously train large numbers of employees located in different parts of the globe.

Promote your company’s products or services via an interactive Tele-Town Hall® event with long-standing customers.

Tele-Town Hall IVR Targeting SystemsThink Tanks

Tele-Town Hall® is committed to the dissemination of ideas and has helped think tanks, strategic planners and advocacy groups present their ideas to the public and their respective membership.