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When One on One is Impossible But 50 Isn’t Enough

When One on One is Impossible But 50 Isn’t Enough

January 21, 2014

Mail is to Email as a Conference Call is to a Tele-Town Hall

While some of us bemoan the current pace of our society, one can’t deny that communication between vast groups of interested parties has improved in the last twenty years. While it seems improbable, it was only 20 years ago that a leading news source, the “Today Show”, became confused over what the @ sign represented in an email signature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUs7iG1mNjI

Email was able to bring people together and enabled our society to be fully integrated throughout the world. Eventually, the ability to instantly communicate with a vast audience had the negative side effect of creating a toxic environment where each recipient could read negative tones in the smallest text. This side effect gave birth to the conference call as a tool to reach a group of people coupled with the familiarity of a dialogue.

While any practical conference provider can’t pretend to replace the value of face-to-face interaction or even the value of having a small conference call amongst a likeminded team, a bridge needed to be built to facilitate both a personal and a global communication platform.

Enter Tele-Town Hall:

The true freedom that Tele-Town Hall offers is that we combine the convenience a vast audience needs, that email offered 20 years ago with the personalized nature of being able to hear the true message being conveyed. We eliminate the second guessing that comes with any written message with the convenience of facilitating a true dialogue in our global marketplace.

– JD Hague, Chief Financial Officer