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Over 280 million smartphones in the US alone (Apple Wallet for iPhones and Google Wallet for Android phones). Send supporters an invitation via SMS Text to add a customized Virtual Supporter Pass to their existing Virtual Wallets. Once supporters add passes to their wallet, you can communicate openly, long-term and without traditional obstacles of spam and network congestion. Instantly send all passholders (or a specified subset) unlimited Push Notifications that link directly to their passes, whose content can be updated in real-time without the need for passholders to accept changes. Use Wallet Pass to share important updates, drive supporters to events, fundraise or collect payments more effectively (one-click payments via iPay and GooglePay coming soon), conduct surveys, collect/confim personal information and more. Share the most current content, include links and click-to-call phone numbers for calls to action or create geo-fences that send notifications to supporters who break the fences.

What is Wallet Pass?

App-based Communication Tool uses Apps that already exist on 266 million smartphones in US alone

Works on both iPhones & Android Phones

               Apple Wallet (iPhone)  Google Pass (Android phone)

Create Customized Virtual Supporter Cards that can be kept long-term in Voters’ Virtual Wallets.

Send Instant Push Notifications to any or every passholder to Re-Engage & Retain Supporters.

No Legal Issues: App owners have already accepted Terms of Use to receive Notifications.

No SPAM Issues: All Notifications are received & No delayed/trickled sends as with other messaging.

How It Works

Tele-Town Hall works with you to design a custom Wallet Pass for your organization.

Use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Texting to deploy Wallet Pass to your targeted audience.

Recipients simply click a custom link in the text to “Add the Pass” to their Wallets.

Update Content on Passes seamlessly in real-time without the need for passholders to accept changes.

Instantly send all passholders (or a specified subset) unlimited in-App Notifications, which when clicked on, link directly to the Pass to view updated content.

Detailed Reporting shows everyone who has downloaded the pass, everyone who has added it to their Wallets, how long passholders have had the Pass in their Wallets and those who have removed their passes, so that you can reach out again.


Uses for Wallet Pass

One-Stop Shop for the most Current Information about your campaign

Drive supporters to RSVP for Events, including in-person rallies and telephone town halls.

Fundraise More Effectively: Ask supporters to donate by clicking on a Fundraising Link.

Calls to Action: Patch supporters directly to their legislators to advocate on behalf of a cause by including a phone number for them to click to call into an Inbound IVR Hotline.

Voter ID/Surveying: ID Voters by sending them notifications that link directly to brief online surveys.

Field Operations: Leave dynamic “digital cookies” at voters’ doorsteps by sending P2P texts inviting voters to add the Pass to their Wallets. For voters who already have the Pass, use geo-fencing to notify voters in advance of volunteers visiting their neighborhoods or events in their areas.

Collect additional information from passholders, such as valid email addresses.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV): Urge voters to mail in their ballots or show up at the polls!