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The CFO in Ipanema

The CFO in Ipanema

March 17, 2014

Greetings from Brazil! While our blog is titled “Dispatches,” this might be the first real dispatch from outside of DC. I have been down in the Amazon, exploring some of the towns and cities along this powerful river. One theme that keeps coming up is how removed these areas are from the rest of Brazil. While I was in Santarem, a mid-sized city and the third largest on the Amazon River, our guide pointed to a road that is supposed to connect the city to the rest of the country but has remained unfinished for years. Like so many attempts to connect the cities along the river with the rest of the country, the jungle makes physical connections nearly impossible. Our guide went on to say how important the telecommunications industry has become to these cities along the Amazon and the various tributaries. Phones and the internet has become the lifeline for remote outposts to feel connected to the rest of the country and the world. It has been truly amazing to see firsthand Tele-Town Hall’s™ central mission in action, to allow people from a vast area to feel connected with not just their neighbors but the entire world.

JD Hague, Chief Financial Officer