Should I use MMS or SMS Bulk Message Service?

SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) are both popular forms of mobile messaging, each offering unique advantages based on communication needs and objectives. SMS is perfect for short, text-only messages because each SMS segment is limited to 160 characters in length, and multiple segments means a higher cost.
In contrast, MMS is preferable for longer, text-based messages (practically no character limit) and allows for the inclusion of multiple files in a single MMS communication. This means that one can send both a longer text message, for a clear and compelling call to action, along with an image, GIF or video at no additional cost, for a more visually engaging, personalized and expressive messaging experience.
Adding an image, audio or logo to an MMS helps your message stand out to your recipients, personalizes the content and legitimizes the source—all of which increase the likelihood that recipients will read the entire text and take the intended action. MMS also preserves line space formatting (as opposed to a single block of text with SMS) making it easier for a recipient to read the message and identify the call to action. Furthermore, MMS are typically less susceptible to carrier spam filtration, increasing the likelihood that your message will be delivered.
When deciding between SMS and MMS for a mobile messaging campaign, senders should consider their goals, target audience, and message content to choose the most effective option.

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