Peer-to-Peer Texting

Rapidly text large audiences anywhere in the world – no opt-in list required. Include links and phone numbers in your texts for effective calls to action. Personalize messages with emojis to increase response rates. Most importantly, Peer-to-Peer is FCC compliant, making it the most powerful way to legally and effectively text message large audiences.

How It works

Load a List of Cell Phone Numbers to Contact.
Prepare an Initial Text Message and Reply Messages in Anticipation of Responses.
Personalize Texts to Show They are Being Sent by a Human Being & Increase Response Rates.
Select an Area Code of Choice from which Your Messages will be Sent.
Use Your Volunteers or Our Professional Agents to Rapidly Deploy Thousands of Texts per Hour.
Drive Recipients to Take Action and Reply to Responses, Creating Dynamic Conversations.
Create Custom Tags, such as “supporter”, “volunteer” or “donor” to Categorize Responses.
Receive Detailed Reports Post-Event to Track Messages Sent, Received, Tagged and More.

Use P2P Texting to:

  • Invite Constituents to Tele-Town Halls® and Physical Events
  • Identify Supporters, Volunteers & Donors
  • Fundraise More Effectively
  • Conduct Surveys & Polls
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • Build Opt-In Lists for Future Outreach

Blast/Broadcast Texting:

  • Schedule text messages to your opt-in list
  • Configure automated responses
  • Manually respond to texts
  • Use our custom P2P text interface

Key Facts:

  • 99% of Text Messages are Opened
  • 90% of Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes
  • Click-Thru Rate for SMS: 36%
  • Response Rate for SMS: 30%

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