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Perspective on our Volume

Perspective on our Volume

February 10, 2014

We are a week removed from the Super Bowl (AKA the Seahawks highlight reel with a halftime show) and thought it would be beneficial to compare Tele-Town Hall attendance and the big game. The constant TV coverage allowed most of the country to witness the enormity of the event. With it’s bright lights, loud noises and above all, the incredible volume of people at MetLife stadium in New Jersey. The official capacity of the stadium is 82,566 including members of the press and players, that number swelled closer to 86,000. Those lucky enough to attend can certainly attest to the massive number of people, given the long lines to get onto trains and the exorbitant wait time to get into the stadium. It took years of planning to bring all 86,000 fans together for a few hours and Tele-Town Hall does it every day.

On average, Tele-Town Hall enables our users to connect with 90,000 people every day with the touch of a button. And when we say 90,000 people, we mean actual people, not the number of dials we make like other vendors claim. The Super Bowl sure was large but nothing compared to our daily audience.

JD Hague – Chief Financial Officer