Peer-to-Peer Texting

Rapidly text large audiences anywhere in the world – no opt-in list required. Include links and phone numbers in your texts for effective calls to action. Personalize messages with emojis to increase response rates. Most importantly, Peer-to-Peer is FCC compliant, making it the most powerful way to legally and effectively text message large audiences.

How It works:

  • Load a List of Cell Phone Numbers to Contact.
  • Prepare an Initial Text Message and Reply Messages in Anticipation of Responses.
  • Personalize Texts to Show They are Being Sent by a Human Being & Increase Response Rates.
  • Select an Area Code of Choice from which Your Messages will be Sent.
  • Use Your Volunteers or Our Professional Agents to Rapidly Deploy Thousands of Texts per Hour.
  • Drive Recipients to Take Action and Reply to Responses, Creating Dynamic Conversations.
  • Create Custom Tags, such as “supporter”, “volunteer” or “donor” to Categorize Responses.
  • Receive Detailed Reports Post-Event to Track Messages Sent, Received, Tagged and More.

Use P2P Texting to:

  • Invite Constituents to Tele-Town Halls® and Physical Events
  • Identify Supporters, Volunteers & Donors
  • Fundraise More Effectively
  • Conduct Surveys & Polls
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • Build Opt-In Lists for Future Outreach

Key Facts:

  • 99% of Text Messages are Opened
  • 90% of Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes
  • Click-Thru Rate for SMS: 36%
  • Response Rate for SMS: 30%

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