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February 4, 2014

When watching a press conference, you’ll notice the speaker is usually behind a podium flanked by colleagues and staff. And in front of that podium is a press corps, some are holding microphone booms and or hand held recorders. For most of us tuning into this scene it’s business as usual. When taking the time to observe this situation, it is layered, with an air of exclusivity to the parties involved even though the general public is the intended audience.

With Tele-Town Hall, the presentation becomes conversational and the dialogue between a speaker and a call participant is more organic. The benefit of Tele-Town Hall as outreach, is the audience becomes the press corps for a brief moment and the speaker can have a candid conversation about the issues important to the audience.

This election year, the voting public will be subject to sound bites, television ads and mail boxes full of direct mail. This is the time to accept the invitation when a Tele-Town Hall takes place and be part of the conversation instead of watching it.

Chris Elizondo – Chief Marketing Officer