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Our Team is Turning 10

Our Team is Turning 10

September 15, 2014

Since I started in May of 2008 TTH has moved from a small cramped office above a Chinese restaurant (pretty dangerous for your physique to have Egg Rolls right below you) to occupying a floor in a modern office building and having offices in all 4 American time zones. Like all startups, we had financial concerns but now we are able to invest in long term projects while constantly improving our core platform. In 2008, our client base was almost entirely in the political world and now we have branched out into hundreds of different markets around the globe.

Why, when so many small businesses fail, has Tele-Town Hall been able to flourish through hard economic times? While our product is innovative and needed in a lot of spaces, I think the true key for our long term growth has been the team behind our platform.

I have been with same company for six and a half years making me unusual for an American worker but I am just about average for a Tele-Town Hall employee. The average Tele-Town Hall team member has been with the company for six years while the average American spends only 4.4 years* at one job. Above average employee retention has been one of our greatest assets in growing from a small startup to a mid-size company celebrating 10 years. Our experienced team combines institutional knowledge with a passion for innovation that makes going to work exciting. While we might not skip to work every day, we do most days.

JD Hague, Chief Financial Officer