Tele-Town Hall Launches Live Voice Broadcast, First to Deliver Live Messages to Mobile Phones, Compliantly and at Scale

Arlington, VA, March 18, 2024 – Tele-Town Hall, LLC, the creator of Tele-Town Hall events and omni-channel outreach solutions, today has launched its patent-pending Live Voice Broadcast (LVB) solution, the first in the industry to deliver live personal messages to large audiences, compliantly, and at scale.

Live Voice Broadcast acts as a compliant “auto-call” to mobile phones, without the need for opt-in, since calls are connected to a live voice, instead of pre-recorded.

“Cold texts and emails, when used alone, have been losing their effectiveness. With LVB, our customers can reach their audiences quickly and effortlessly, with only a contact list and script. We take care of the rest,” said President of Tele-Town Hall, Shaun Thompson.

LVB is for organizations who want to:

  • Personalize their message with a human voice.
  • Stand out from the noise of cold texts and emails.
  • Deliver their message to a large audience quickly and cost-effectively, at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one live calls.
  • Complement an omni-channel outreach approach.

“Our mission is to deliver innovative products that expand our customers’ reach and enable them to engage more effectively with their targeted audiences. LVB achieves that goal,” said CEO of Tele-Town Hall, Kristin Miller.

LVB works in a few simple steps:

  • Customers upload a contact list to Tele-Town Hall’s Web interface (or Tele-Town Hall can provide a contact list) and add a script for the live agent to read.
  • Contact list is rapidly dialed and systematically mass connected to live agents.
  • Live agents repeat the script as thousands of callees listen to the message.

Customers receive detailed reports concluding an LVB campaign, which includes who received the message, call duration, transfer information, and more.

While applicable for numerous industries, Live Voice Broadcast has been used by political candidates who want to personalize their message to voters and stand out from the increased volume of cold political texts. LVB can be used for Get Out the Vote (GOTV), surveys, RSVPs to events, and fundraising.

Customers can maximize their engagement with audiences by pairing LVB with Tele-Town Hall’s outreach solutions, such as Live Direct to Voicemail, MMS/SMS, Mobile Live Invite, Text to Action, Text to Online Survey, Tele-Town Hall events, and more, for an effective omni-channel approach.

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