Tele-Town Hall Launches Live Direct to Voicemail (D2V),to Help Organizations Effectively Reach Audiences at Scale

Fully compliant technology that can reach mobile-only users with live voicemail drops.

Arlington, VA, March 18, 2024 — Tele-Town Hall, LLC, the creator of Tele-Town Hall events and omni-channel outreach solutions, today launched Live Direct to Voicemail (D2V), to deliver unlimited personal voice messages compliantly and at scale, straight to voicemail on all mobile devices.

“Our ability to expand to reach mobile-only audiences in a personal way, stands out from other saturated marketing channels, such as, cold emails and texts,” said Tele-Town Hall President, Shaun Thompson.

Compared to other outreach methods, research has shown that ringless voicemail solutions like D2V allow organizations to maximize campaign outreach by increasing the likelihood that their entire message is heard — with a 95% higher listen rate, compared to 25% of people opening an email.  

Tele-Town Hall’s D2V is more effective than other methods:

  • Less Intrusive – Better received without the multiple rings of a robo-call.
  • Higher Listen Rate – Audience is more likely to hear the entire voicemail message, and messages can be replayed.
  • Notifications – Both a missed call and a voicemail alert entice the recipient to listen to the voicemail.
  • Cost Efficient – D2V reaches a broad audience at a small fraction of the cost of professional one-to-one live calls.

D2V is fully compliant, since Tele-Town Hall’s system delivers a live message instead of using a pre-recorded message or auto-dialer.

D2V works in three easy steps for customers:

  • Upload a contact list (or Tele-Town Hall can provide a targeted contact list)
  • Add a voicemail script for the live agent to read, select date/time for distribution.
  • Live agent repeats the script, sending voicemails at scale to audiences’ inboxes.

“We design our services to be at the forefront of innovation and compliance, supporting our customers’ need for enhanced engagement and expanded reach with their audiences,” said CEO of Tele-Town Hall, Kristin Miller.

D2V complements an omni-channel outreach approach. Customers can maximize their audience engagement by pairing D2V with Tele-Town Hall’s full suite of SMS or MMS, Live Voice Broadcast, Mobile Live Invite, Text to Action, Text to Online Survey, Tele-Town Hall Events, and more, for a compelling contact engagement experience.

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