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Mid-Term Elections—The Deciding Factor

Mid-Term Elections—The Deciding Factor

February 6, 2015

2014 was an important year for Tele-Town Hall® clients, especially those on Capitol Hill, since this was the year of the Mid-Term Elections. Tele-Town Hall® has established itself as the leading purveyor of virtual town-halls on Capitol Hill, due to the effectiveness and affordability of ours. Looking at the results from the Mid-Term Elections, it is clear why we remain the industry standard.

91% of U.S. Senators who worked directly with Tele-Town Hall® won reelection, while 93% of our House clients saw victory. The reason for this comes down to effectiveness and affordability. In terms of effectiveness, no other platform is able to engage an audience on such a large scale. The overall average connect, Hill customers were able to reach was 33,317 with each Tele-Town Hall® event. Compared to Youtube, most Senators and Representatives garner fewer than 500 views per video. Moreover, a simple Youtube video doesn’t provide interaction or feedback. On average, each Tele-Town Hall® event had 8,207 participants— these are constituents who were asking questions, responding to polls, and providing valuable feedback.

Tele-Town Hall® is also the most affordable option. On average, it costs 10 cents per connection and 40 cents per participant for each event. This is far more cost-effective than mailings, considering US postage alone is $0.49. Furthermore, mailings and emails have no guaranteed success rate, whereas Tele-Town Hall provides quantitative outreach and feedback from the audience.

Tele-Town Hall® is proud to be the deciding factor in our clients’ campaigns. In 2014, Tele-Town Hall ®celebrated ten years as a company and garnered its 5th patent and continues to endeavor and innovate in 2015, both in the political arena and beyond.

John Shepherd, Associate