Introducing: Live Voice Broadcast

We’re excited to unveil Live Voice Broadcast (LVB), the first in the industry to deliver live personal messages to large audiences, compliantly, and at scale. Live Voice Broadcast acts as a compliant “auto-call” to mobile phones, without the need for opt-in, since calls are connected to a live voice, instead of pre-recorded. 

If you want to personalize your message with a human voice, stand out from the noise of cold texts and emails, deliver your message to a large audience quickly and cost-effectively—at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one live calls, LVB is for you. 

LVB stands out as an effective tool for political candidates trying to rise above the fray of cold political texts. The outreach tool has improved these candidates’ Get Out The Vote (GOTV) results, survey responses, RSVPs to events and most importantly, fundraising.  Not a political candidate?  Have a live agent push your customers and prospects to a new product, to respond to a survey about your next promotional initiative, or perhaps simply sign up for membership in your program.

You can maximize your engagement with audiences by pairing LVB with our other outreach solutions, such as Live Direct to Voicemail, MMS/SMS, Mobile Live Invite, Text to Action, Text to Online Survey, Tele-Town Hall events, and more, for an effective omni-channel approach.

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