Elevate Your Text Messages with Brilliant HD Video

hd video over text
Tired of compromising on video quality when sending videos via text?  

Say goodbye to low quality, pixelated videos and hello to sending industry-leading audio quality and crystal-clear HD video to mobiles.  

At Tele-Town Hall, we value the importance of providing our customers with quality audio and visuals to their end users. That’s why we’re excited to unveil superior HD-quality video over p2p to showcase your calls to action, product demos, visual instructions, promotional videos, training videos, greetings and more! 

Here’s what sets our solution apart:  

Send Larger File Sizes Seamlessly: With our solution, you can upload virtually any file size up to 60 seconds; eliminating the need for tedious file editing and compression. We seamlessly transcode your large files to a size compatible with our wireless carriers, without losing quality.  
Industry-Leading Audio/Video Quality: Our advanced technology ensures that every word spoken in your videos is crystal clear. 
Auto-Tuning of Video Compression: Our unique algorithm automatically optimizes audio and video balancing to generate the best quality possible, ensuring that your videos look and sound their absolute best, every time.   

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