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Following Through

Following Through

April 21, 2014

The amount of quality discourse during an average Tele-Town Hall event can be some of the most valuable outreach materials. This genuine back-and-forth from an audience of thousands within an hour, provides the most organic feedback an organization is likely to receive all year. So why limit your outreach to one hour or even one night?

Tele-Town Hall provides all of our users the tools to gauge the success of a call, here are some ways that our innovative customers are using these tools to prolong the success of their event:

  1. Take the event recording (provided for free at the end of every call) and splice up the mp3 into segments using editing software (we like to use WavePad: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/). Once you have the recording you can use the opening statements made during the call or your VIP answering certain questions from the audience. Many people will post these on social media, put them on a blog or send them out to their email list.
  2. Share the results of your polling questions and keep the momentum going allowing more people to vote on the issues you presented live during the event.
  3. Allow users to ask follow up questions via email or an online forum.

While nothing can compare to the live interactions achieved with a Tele-Town Hall, allowing your audience to continue the dialogue after the event will only make your outreach that much more powerful.

JD Hague – Chief Financial Officer