Tele-Town Hall Event Tip: Leverage Synchronized Texts to Enhance Fundraising

Tele-Town Hall events have become vital for engaging with large audiences, whether it be a political campaign, community outreach, association or membership outreach, corporate announcements, and more. 

If fundraising is part of your strategy, you can maximize the impact of these events with our Synchronized Texting. 

About Synchronized Texting
Synchronized Texting—text messages sent to participants during the event, provide a direct and immediate way to engage attendees and encourage donations—without coming off as if you’re treating your audience like an ATM machine. 

When to send Synchronized Texts:
The authenticity of a Tele-Town Hall event primes thousands of supporters at your event. Sending a synchronized text during a time when the audience is most engaged (this might be within the first five minutes), will increase your chances of more donations. 

In many cases, we have seen political candidates reach breakeven within an hour. This event can more than paid for itself!

To get started or learn more about Synchronized Texting during your TTH event, contact us to request a demo.

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