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June 30, 2014

The entire Tele-Town Hall® team has been glued to our TV’s/Computers for every US soccer match during this World Cup. Over lunch and around the water cooler, the fate of the USMNT has dominated our conversations for the last three weeks. For most of us, we couldn’t have cared less about soccer until we won our first game against Ghana and now it’s all we can talk about. The skyrocketing TV ratings show that the Tele-Town Hall® hardly an outlier.

One of the greatest joys in watching our nation’s team compete, is not just patriotic fervor, but also the sense of community you feel when high fiving complete strangers in bars and on the street. We all feel the same joy, the same misery and the same anxiety for 90+ minutes, and in an increasingly insular world, these rare moments of shared emotions are most welcome. At its core, Tele-Town Hall® aims to foster the same sense of community during an event. Learning that your neighbors have the same concerns about the present and the same anxieties about the future makes you feel a little less alone in the modern world.

JD Hague – Chief Financial Officer

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