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Communications Vortex

Communications Vortex

January 13, 2014

The polar vortex, which encompassed most of the United States this past week served as a valuable lesson to us at Tele-Town Hall. We viewed this weather event as a reminder that no matter if you’re a private citizen, elected official or corporate entity, looking out for the warning signs and not waiting to see how it will turn out, usually serves you better in the long run and won’t leave you in the cold.

At Tele-Town Hall, we know our clients can be easily swept up in a vortex of their own, especially when navigating the various media they use to achieve effective outreach. We believe there has never been a more important time for Tele-Town Hall technology, especially when listening to your audience is imperative to your survival and being heard is just as important.

Our reminder to the private citizen, elected official and corporate entity is though the weather and the issues can be uncertainties, taking the time before the storm arrives to put together a comprehensive communications plan with consistent Tele-Town Hall outreach will always serve you better in the long term.

– Chris Elizondo, Chief Marketing Officer