One click of the mouse, a user can receive a variety of types of calls

Tele-Town Hall’s® Click-To-Call helps associations, political campaigns and corporations directly connect their members, voters or employees to Calls to Action.

With one click of the mouse, a constituent can receive a variety of types of calls, including:


How It Works:

  • An organization sends its constituents an Email or Text Message with instructions to click on a link to participate in a Call to Action.
  • The link takes constituents to a landing page on its Website, where they will find more information about the Call to Action as well as instructions to use the Click-To-Call Widget. (We provide the organization with code to embed the Click-To-Call Widget on its Website)
  • Using the Click-to-Call Widget, the constituent enters his telephone number in the phone field and clicks the “Place Call” button.
  • The constituent instantly receives one of the various types of calls listed above from our system at the phone number entered, initiating the Call to Action.
  • For IVR Patch Calls, the system would prompt the constituent to enter his/her zip code, and optionally play a list of parties to select, before patching him/her through to this party.