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Chat with the Experts: Q &A with Clark Menge of SpaceCraft

Chat with the Experts: Q &A with Clark Menge of SpaceCraft

March 4, 2014

Chat with the Experts: Q&A with Clark Menge of SpaceCraft

I could prattle on and on about how successful our services are, but why not hear the reviews from a former consultant and strategist about our technology? Meet Clark Menge, former associate at the Republican consulting firm Strategic Campaign Group, and he currently works for the web development company SpaceCraft. Clark was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experiences with Tele-Town Hall:

  • What was your first experience with Tele-Town Hall, LLC?

o Shortly after I started work at Strategic Campaign Group I took over the TTH program for the GOP Caucus for the VA House of Delegates.

  • Were any of your clients skeptical of the technology?

o They had heard of the product, many were skeptical of the ease of use.

  • What was their reaction when they actually conducted the event and received the data for the call?

o Surprise that I was correct in how easy the process/event was to pull off.

  • What feature (Screening, Collecting, Live-Polling etc.) did you find the most beneficial to your clients?

o The screening was very helpful as it helped alleviate many of the concerns of competitors tampering with the calls. It also really helps to keep the conversation moving to touch on as many subjects as possible.

  • How successful was the addition of Tele-Town Hall to your service platform?

o Very successful. We tried to utilize it for every campaign that we worked on. It is a very easy way to engage a large number of people in a more personal manner than direct mail, robocalling, and television/radio.

  • What was the most creative way you’ve seen the Tele-Town Hall implemented?

o Worked great for fundraising

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-Johnny Craig, Sales Associate