Tele-Town Hall Events Influenced 21% of Presidential Candidates Total Votes

Tele-Town Hall Events Influenced 21% of Presidential Candidates Total Votes

The Challenge

Prior to utilizing Tele-Town Hall’s solutions, this 2024 presidential candidate trailed behind other candidates, polling at 0%. The candidate’s campaign coordinator sought TTH’s help to orchestrate a solution that would quickly connect with voters and turn around his rank in the polls.

The Solution

TTH recommended a series of six Tele-Town Hall events—interactive town-hall style meetings that would help build relationships and influence millions of households, leading up to the Iowa Caucus. This solution included Mobile Live Invite—one of TTH’s newest features for Tele-Town Hall events—enabling the candidate’s campaign coordinator to send Tele-Town Hall event invitations to mobile phones, compliantly (a live operator speaks, instead of a pre-recorded message).

The Results

Conducting six Tele-Town Hall events with Mobile Live Invite empowered this presidential candidate’s campaign to reach an average of 88k+ mobile households of constituents in Iowa. Participation rate averaged over 5 minutes at 6.3% (5,284 constituents).

21% of total votes were attributed to the candidate’s Tele-Town Hall Events.

Of the 744 total votes he received on election night, 166 unique votes had been identified using the Tele-Town Hall event polling feature—21% of his total votes. After the Iowa Caucus, the presidential candidate secured 0.7% of the vote and finished 5th, ahead of more popular candidates.

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