SEIU Healthcare Illinois Case Study

SEIU Healthcare Illinois Case Study

Since 2016, Tele-Town Hall® has had the distinct pleasure of working closely with SEIU Healthcare Illinois. The organization, which advocates for the rights and wellbeing of healthcare workers in Illinois, has conducted more than 600 Tele-Town Hall® events, over 200 IVR surveys, and more than 200 robo calls.

“We represent thousands of workers across a pretty expansive geography,” says Kaitlin Youngblood, Communication Coordinator for SEIU Healthcare Illinois. “Pre-covid, we used Tele-Town Hall® events for people outside of geographical centers; for community and to create community. Now it’s for everybody.”

 In addition to Tele-Town Hall® events, SEIU Healthcare Illinois utilized IVR surveys and robo calls to communicate with its members. According to Youngblood, our products are used in nearly 80% of the organization’s communications efforts. “I find their system is easy to navigate and it’s nice to have the level of control over the events that we have,” says Youngblood.

Why does SEIU Healthcare Illinois continue to work with Tele-Town Hall® over its competitors? For Youngblood, it comes down to two factors: cost and data. “We have worked with other vendors in the past, but we ultimately switched to Tele-Town Hall® because of cost concerns. We have to be good stewards of our members.” SEIU Healthcare Illinois uses post-event data to better understand its member needs, update contact information and much more.

Youngblood considers Tele-Town Hall®’s products “essential” and recommends other organizations try them. Moreover, Youngblood says Tele-Town Hall® has exceeded her expectations in terms ease of use, customer service & support, and overall satisfaction. “I enjoy working with them. They are very responsive to our needs, and I appreciate that.”

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