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Campaign Phone Strategy in 2014: Still Relevant

Campaign Phone Strategy in 2014: Still Relevant

February 24, 2014

With the 2014 Election cycle already two months gone, I am always drawn to a particular industry magazine piece in 2012, featuring various consultants of the political consulting world, expounding upon the relevance of phones in future elections. Marty Stone, a partner at Stone’s Phones, shared an excellent bit of knowledge on how campaigns can utilize phones, to complement their other needs:

“I’m not going to give away too much sitting here with Chris and David, but we were working with a Senate race and we sat down with the direct mail consultant and Internet consultant and came up with 17 ways the campaign could be using two or three of the mediums together to save them money. Before a telephone townhall, for example, if the campaign has put cookies on the file allowing them to send Internet banner ads to people, we accomplish the goal of letting them know there’s an event coming up. You don’t get that sort of thing unless you have all the consultants sitting down together.”

— Shop Talk: Are phones still relevant?

Marty makes an excellent case here. Technology, and specifically Tele-Town Halls, are only as good as the people using it. Simply “checking the box” when it comes to phone outreach is not only a waste of your time, but the candidates time as well. Get creative and detail out the strategy for using your tele-town hall in the most efficient way possible. Having trouble formulating that plan? Talk to our team about past strategies we’ve seen; we would be more than happy to share our 25 years’ worth of experience with you and your staff.

-Johnny Craig, Sales Associate