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Speaking our Language

Speaking our Language April 7, 2014 The landscape of our national dialogue is rapidly changing, quite literally. According to a 2011 American Community Survey by the Pew Research Center^1, there is 37.6 million Spanish speakers in the US and this is growing swiftly. While most of these Spanish speakers have some proficiency in English, any [...]

Bargaining and Reporting: Union Communication in 2014

Bargaining and Reporting: Union Communication in 2014 April 1, 2014 It takes a simple check of your favored search engine to find across this country, the state of negotiations between labor unions and their membership’s management over wages, benefits, and working conditions, to name a few items. This process isn’t particularly new or thought provoking, [...]

The CFO in Ipanema

The CFO in Ipanema March 17, 2014 Greetings from Brazil! While our blog is titled “Dispatches,” this might be the first real dispatch from outside of DC. I have been down in the Amazon, exploring some of the towns and cities along this powerful river. One theme that keeps coming up is how removed these [...]

Chat with the Experts: Q &A with Clark Menge of SpaceCraft

Chat with the Experts: Q &A with Clark Menge of SpaceCraft March 4, 2014 Chat with the Experts: Q&A with Clark Menge of SpaceCraft I could prattle on and on about how successful our services are, but why not hear the reviews from a former consultant and strategist about our technology? Meet Clark Menge, former [...]

Campaign Phone Strategy in 2014: Still Relevant

Campaign Phone Strategy in 2014: Still Relevant February 24, 2014 With the 2014 Election cycle already two months gone, I am always drawn to a particular industry magazine piece in 2012, featuring various consultants of the political consulting world, expounding upon the relevance of phones in future elections. Marty Stone, a partner at Stone’s Phones, shared [...]

More than a Sound Bite

More than a Sound Bite February 17, 2014 Throughout history, President’s words are immortalized because they resonate with the nation, consider the speeches of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Day of Infamy address to congress, to name a few. As time passes and communication tools change, will [...]

Perspective on our Volume

Perspective on our Volume February 10, 2014 We are a week removed from the Super Bowl (AKA the Seahawks highlight reel with a halftime show) and thought it would be beneficial to compare Tele-Town Hall attendance and the big game. The constant TV coverage allowed most of the country to witness the enormity of the [...]


Participate February 4, 2014 When watching a press conference, you’ll notice the speaker is usually behind a podium flanked by colleagues and staff. And in front of that podium is a press corps, some are holding microphone booms and or hand held recorders. For most of us tuning into this scene it’s business as usual. [...]

When One on One is Impossible But 50 Isn’t Enough

When One on One is Impossible But 50 Isn’t Enough January 21, 2014 Mail is to Email as a Conference Call is to a Tele-Town Hall While some of us bemoan the current pace of our society, one can’t deny that communication between vast groups of interested parties has improved in the last twenty years. [...]

Communications Vortex

Communications Vortex January 13, 2014 The polar vortex, which encompassed most of the United States this past week served as a valuable lesson to us at Tele-Town Hall. We viewed this weather event as a reminder that no matter if you’re a private citizen, elected official or corporate entity, looking out for the warning signs [...]