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93% More Than Social Media

93% More Than Social Media

July 21, 2014

Last week in Baltimore, my colleague Johnny and I, had the pleasure of being surrounded by some of the most talented communication professionals in North America. We learned a lot from our fellow National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) attendees, but one theme was clear; getting their well-crafted messages out remains a challenge, but one that can be overcome. One of the first things we learned from Wharton’s Dr. Jonah Berger was that while social media has become an essential tool for communicating, only 7% of effective marketing can be done on the various networking platforms. The question most attendees explored for the next 3 days was how to deliver their well-crafted messages to a mass audience.

School systems around the country are discovering that Tele-Town Hall® is able to make up the 93% communications gap schools face when trying to engage their audience. Twitter, Facebook and in person town hall meetings are great, but when a parent speaks a different language or can’t afford a long drive to a meeting, Tele-Town Hall® events are the most efficient and cost effective tool available.

Tele-Town Hall® is thrilled to help our nation’s public school systems maximize their communication efforts.

JD Hague, Chief Financial Officer

Check out Dr. Burger and the NSPRA for some more great insights:

  1. Dr. Burger’s Website:http://jonahberger.com/
  2. NSPRA’s Website:http://www.nspra.org/and http://www.nspra.org/national_seminar