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STIR/SHAKEN: What You Need to Know

Beginning June 30, 2021, the FCC is requiring all voice service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN protocols to combat fraudulently spoofed auto calls. This email will explain STIR/SHAKEN as well as the changes Tele-Town Hall® is implementing to ensure your calls remain FCC compliant. WHAT IS STIR/SHAKEN? STIR stands for "secure telephone identity revisited," and [...]

Tele-Town Hall® Has a New Address

On Tuesday, June 1st, Tele-Town Hall®'s DC office is moving to the Clarendon area in Arlington, Virginia. Our new mailing address is the following: 3033 Wilson Blvd Suite 700 Arlington, VA 22201 With our recent move, please consider the following: Please notify your respective billing departments for updated billing remittance. If you plan to pay [...]