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ITR Survey Results: 2020 Voter Concerns During COVID-19

October 23rd, 2020 - Arlington, Virginia In our latest our latest partnered survey with Rexer Analytics, Tele-Town Hall used our Interactive Texting Response (ITR) platform to survey 417 registered voters to gauge their concerns with in-person voting on November 3rd. This ITR survey sheds light on those safety concerns, how many individuals plan to vote [...]

Tele-Town Hall is Partnering with Rexer Analytics

Tele-Town Hall® is excited to announce a new partnership with Rexer Analytics to provide comprehensive surveys and predictive modeling. With Rexer Analytics' surveys and Tele-Town Hall®'s outreach tools, customers can gather data and insight to better understand their audience. Our first partnered study, which focused on grocery store shoppers during the Covid-19 crisis, reflects a [...]