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When One on One is Impossible But 50 Isn’t Enough

When One on One is Impossible But 50 Isn’t Enough January 21, 2014 Mail is to Email as a Conference Call is to a Tele-Town Hall While some of us bemoan the current pace of our society, one can’t deny that communication between vast groups of interested parties has improved in the last twenty years. [...]

Communications Vortex

Communications Vortex January 13, 2014 The polar vortex, which encompassed most of the United States this past week served as a valuable lesson to us at Tele-Town Hall. We viewed this weather event as a reminder that no matter if you’re a private citizen, elected official or corporate entity, looking out for the warning signs [...]

Complacency: The Four Letter Word

Complacency: The Four Letter Word January 6, 2013 “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.” -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World When you’ve been in the telecommunications game for as long as we have, complacency becomes the industry equivalent of the four letter word. As Tele-Town Hall looks to 2014, [...]

Legislative Connection

Legislative Connection March 7, 2006 If your phone rings this evening, pick up. It could be your Congressman. That is, if you live in the 26th District. The District is represented by Republican David Dreier, Chairman of the House Rules Committee, who has found a new way to stay in touch with folks back home [...]