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Government Contract

Government Contract February 16, 2016 Tele-Town Hall made a simple pledge over 11 years ago to those in public service as well as those individuals seeking to be elected to public office. That pledge was to provide a powerful means of outreach never before experienced by the masses. Today, the Tele-Town Hall platform carries out [...]

New Head of Business Development

New Head of Business Development January 22, 2016 Tele-Town Hall® is saying goodbye to a long-standing employee, Johnny Craig. Craig has served as Head of Business Development for the past four years. Stepping into this role is Dave Clarke. Clarke has served as an account manager with Tele-Town Hall® for the past two years, working [...]

Political Climate Barometer

Political Climate Barometer Iowa is often referred to as a political barometer, since its voters often signal what messaging is effective in the rest of the country. Iowa is also considered a barometer in a more literal sense— the state produces some of the most dangerous tornadoes in the mid-west. As unrelated as they seem, [...]

The Issues the FCC Really Needs to Address

The Issues the FCC Really Needs to Address July 8, 2015 On Thursday June 19th, Tele-Town Hall® welcomed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) meeting on ways that they could make some clarifications on the “Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991” (TCPA). Tele-Town Hall ® has been abiding by the TCPA since our inception, even in [...]

Real Conversations Will Never Be Antiquated

Real Conversations Will Never Be Antiquated May 19, 2015 Technology has changed significantly over the last ten years, but the way we communicate has not. Conversations over the telephone remain the most effective way to connect. Other forms of communication— texting, emails, social media— have been integrated into telephones as accessories, not as alternatives that [...]

Tele-Town Hall®: A Chance Encounter

Tele-Town Hall®: A Chance Encounter March 2, 2015 If you are a fan of Pixar’s animated films you may be familiar with the story of the now famous lunch, from which, most of the ideas for their major animated films were penciled on a napkin. Tele-Town Hall®’s inception didn’t take place at a diner. It [...]

Mid-Term Elections—The Deciding Factor

Mid-Term Elections—The Deciding Factor February 6, 2015 2014 was an important year for Tele-Town Hall® clients, especially those on Capitol Hill, since this was the year of the Mid-Term Elections. Tele-Town Hall® has established itself as the leading purveyor of virtual town-halls on Capitol Hill, due to the effectiveness and affordability of ours. Looking at [...]

Our Team is Turning 10

Our Team is Turning 10 September 15, 2014 Since I started in May of 2008 TTH has moved from a small cramped office above a Chinese restaurant (pretty dangerous for your physique to have Egg Rolls right below you) to occupying a floor in a modern office building and having offices in all 4 American [...]

Campaign Variables

Campaign Variables July 8, 2014 Campaign managers are no stranger to the unknown. The best they can do, is be prepared for just about anything and when that “anything” occurs, execute their plan to ensure that the “anything” doesn’t encompass “everything”. These variables come in all shapes and sizes – wrong debate venue, bad directions, [...]

93% More Than Social Media

93% More Than Social Media July 21, 2014 Last week in Baltimore, my colleague Johnny and I, had the pleasure of being surrounded by some of the most talented communication professionals in North America. We learned a lot from our fellow National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) attendees, but one theme was clear; getting their [...]