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Tele-Town Hall®: A Chance Encounter

Tele-Town Hall®: A Chance Encounter

March 2, 2015

If you are a fan of Pixar’s animated films you may be familiar with the story of the now famous lunch, from which, most of the ideas for their major animated films were penciled on a napkin. Tele-Town Hall®’s inception didn’t take place at a diner. It took place in a waiting room where two upstart software engineers were vying for the same position. From this chance encounter they stayed in contact, then one day while attending a telecommunications conference during a break in between sessions they were having a conversation about the latest innovation making waves in the telecom industry, voice over IP (VOIP). Several years later, Roman Marchevsky, CEO and Vlad Smelyansky, CTO would go on to use VOIP as one of the building blocks and found Tele-Town Hall®.

Even though that chance encounter occurred more than 10 years ago, the name Tele-Town Hall® would probably not be synonymous with telephone town hall meetings without it. Since then, throughout the halls of Congress, and in every election year since the company started, Tele-Town Hall has played a vital part of communications strategy. School systems, associations and non-profits have begun to utilize Tele-Town Hall to the benefit of their respective stakeholders. This year marks the culmination of Tele-Town Hall®’s 10 year anniversary due in large part to that fateful meeting more than a decade ago.

Chris Elizondo, Chief Marketing Officer