Mobile Direct Access™ (Ringless Voicemails)

Leave a voicemail for a cell phone subscriber without ever calling or ringing the subscriber’s cell phone

The Challenge:

Despite considerable advances in communication technology, one of the fastest growing challenges of the twenty-first century is the ability to connect with Americans. Today, approximately 90% of adults in the U.S. use mobile phones, and nearly 40% live in cellular-only households. However, current telecom legislation impedes organizations—such as schools, health care providers, financial institutions and governments—from reaching the individuals with whom they need to connect. These regulations create a speech barrier to the more than 327 million cell phones registered in the U.S.

The Solution – Mobile Direct Access™:

Tele-Town Hall’s ® game-changing Mobile Direct Access™ technology allows you seamlessly to leave a ringless voicemail for a cell phone subscriber without ever calling or ringing the subscriber’s cell phone. Mobile Direct Access™ is direct voicemail messaging that is entirely scalable, giving your organization the ability to drop thousands of messages per hour. In addition, our Intelligent Reporting Software helps you keep track of who receives your messages by identifying which voicemail drops were successful, which were unsuccessful and why unsuccessful drops failed, so that you can update your contact list.


Mobile Direct Access™ is the responsible solution for reaching cell phones through direct voicemail messaging. Mobile Direct Access™ does NOT place any calls to NOR ring any targeted subscriber cell phones. Furthermore, those subscribers receiving ringless voicemails are NOT charged for any voicemails left by our system. Instead, our system responsibly drops messages on the back end to ensure that subscribers can gain the information they need without disruption.


Mobile Direct Access™ is being used by individuals and organizations across multiple market verticals. Here are just some of the applications: Informational Messages, Survey Requests, Invitations to Tele-Town Halls® or other events, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), Calls to Action (including Patch Throughs to Legislators) and more.

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